CA Suburbs…no candidate is getting traction

This is going to be stepping way out of my self-imposed hiatus. BTW we should all try it since it has been good for my perspective on the primaries.

During the past two weeks of not posting much (20 comments a week down from 80+) I’ve lurked and read the blogs here and elsewhere. I’ve gotten out and had dinner with my neighbors and friends. One of the most interesting things of the past two weeks has been discussions on the upcoming primary election. The results have been staggering…to a political junkie that hangs out in the blogsophere.

Disclaimer: These are my observations based on a limited group of co-workers, neighbors, and friends. I live in Marin County, CA and we voted 67% John Kerry in 2004. Don’t get in a hissy fit if you disagree!

Co-workers: If I had to speculate my office will vote Democrat by about 95%. Most of them are women, ethnically diverse, and most between the ages of 30 and 45. These are not baby boomers as a general rule, Gen X I guess is what they are called.

Of this group, getting coffee in the morning or sitting at the lunch table, the consensus is: they don’t know who they will vote for on February 5th. As a general rule, they like Obama, but most think he’s too young. They want someone other than another Clinton. And most don’t know much about Edwards except that he’s really opposed to the Iraq war.

Neighbors: The half dozen or so I’ve talked to are Baby Boomers: ages 45-60. They are nurses, tile contractors, computer people, and landscape contractor. They do not like Clinton. Don’t know anything about Obama, and only vaguely recall Edwards from 2004. They are concerned about the economy and cleaning up the mess in Washington DC.

Again: consensus they don’t know who they will vote for on February 5th.

Friends we had dinner with: We are talking youngsters here…ages 30-42 (okay young by my standards).  Once again they aren’t inclined towards Clinton, don’t remember anything about Edwards, and while they like Obama they think he’s not clear enough on food labelling, organic food protection, and they really don’t know what he stands for on global warming.

Once again: consensus they don’t know who they will vote for on February 5th.

So what is the purpose of this diary: Get off your asses, stop blogging, and go door to door for your candidate! People on the blogs have been screaming at each other about their candidate this, or that, and baby boomers didn’t do squat….yada yada yada.

I’ve voted and it’s a done deal for my house. I evaluated each of the positions of the candidates and made my decision based on the 3 issues most important to me: (1) get out of Iraq now, (2) clean up some of the corporate influence on politics and (3) the environment.

So during my two weeks I convinced about 14 people to vote for: John Edwards on February 5th.  

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    • SallyCat on January 21, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    also available in Orange

  1. in Southern CA, too, in my limited sampling. Most people aren’t really happy with any of the Dem candidates, for reasons that are all over the place.

    Personally, since none of the candidates even  bother to mention the words “Katrina,” “New Orleans,” or “Gulf Coast” on their websites or anywhere else that I’ve seen (and please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) they’re dead to me.

    Yes, the war has to end and the economy needs to be fixed and dozens of other wrongs need to be righted. But the fact that for two and a half years, an entire region of the country has gotten almost no help in dealing with this overwhelming tragedy is inexcusable. And if the candidates want to look the other way, fine. I’ll write in Brad Pitt or Harry Shearer or one of the many amazing bloggers in the area, since they are at least making an effort to get people to pay attention.  

    (Sorry, SallyCat, this is not directed at you. I’m just running out of gaskets to blow.)        

  2. for your CA observations.  I have done no GOTV work from Alabama 😉

  3. saying you were going to take a break?  

    If so, I have an apology to make for a comment I posted.  Let me know.

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