January 12, 2008 archive

Protesters Arrested Today at U.S. Supreme Court

David Swanson, over at After Downing Street, has this up  Demanding the Closure of Guantanamo Prison Camp along with a pic of the group.

and, Washington DC January 11, 2008

By David Swanson, this link to more photos: 79 photos | 150 views

I Am Sick to Death of War and Madness

My generation thought Vietnam was an aberration, but it wasn’t, it was the game plan.  Lie your way into a nasty little war and let other people’s children do the killing and dying while the fat cats at the top of the capitalist pile rake in the dough.  It’s all for the benefit of those so bloated with greed that they just don’t care that their profits come soaked in the blood of innocents and patriots.


Friday Philosophy: A fair game on a level field

Did I ever mention that I have a small collection of kaleidoscopes?  I used to have more of them, but currently have three, I think.  Along the path of my life, others have been lost or discarded, I guess.  I have never put much value in stuff and each time I have moved, some of it has gone away.

I also have different lenses through which I view life.  I’ve not discarded any of those, even if I may forget some of them from time to time.

For the past week, I’ve remembered a lens from the past which intersects with my critical thinking lens.  It’s all about fair play, about having a level playing field.  I don’t expect that many people will view the world through those same lenses.

So I may be speaking to the wind.  That seems to be happening more often lately.  But I don’t believe it is pointless.  I believe the wind sometimes listens.

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