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Cut CO2 by 94%, Produce 540% EROEI with Switchgrass!

Switchgrass is nothing less than amazing!

BBC News reports on a new study, Grass biofuels ‘cut CO2 by 94%’.

Producing biofuels from a fast-growing grass delivers vast savings of carbon dioxide emissions compared with petrol, a large-scale study has suggested.

A team of US researchers also found that switchgrass-derived ethanol produced 540% more energy than was required to manufacture the fuel.

One acre (0.4 hectares) of the grassland could, on average, deliver 320 gallons of bioethanol, they added.

This is good news for the United States in so many ways:

  1. Fewer CO2 emissions – 94% is almost “carbon neutral”

  2. 540% EROEI – Growing “energy independence”

  3. Better than corn and soy – Less need for harmful herbicides and pesticides, such as Atrazine

  4. Native prairie grass – Improves local biodiversity

  5. Plant once – Reduces erosion and farm fuel consumption

Four at Four

  1. The victims of Hurricane Katrina are thinking big — really big. According to the Associated Press, Katrina’s Victims sue for $3 quadrillion. “A whopping $3,014,170,389,176,410 is the dollar figure so far sought from some of the largest claims filed against the federal government over damage from the failure of levees and flood walls following the Aug. 29, 2005, hurricane… For the sake of perspective: A mere $1 quadrillion would dwarf the U.S. gross domestic product… was $13.2 trillion in 2007.” Our national debt is now over $9.2 trillion.

  2. While Iran isn’t the most trust-inspiring nation, the Bush administration isn’t well-known for their honesty and ablity to tell the truth either. So, it comes as no surprise that, according to The New York Times, Iran accuses the Bush administration of faking Persian Gulf video. “‘Images released by the U.S. Department of Defense about the navy vessels, the archive, and sounds on it are fabricated,’ an unnamed Revolutionary Guard official said… The video and audio were recorded separately and then matched, Naval and Pentagon officials said Tuesday… The video runs just over four minutes and, according to Pentagon officials, was shot from the bridge of the guided missile destroyer Hopper.”

    Here’s the video… kind of low production values… reminds me of those ‘bin Laden’ videos. What do you think?

  3. The Los Angeles Times reports Conservative Supreme Court cool to voter ID challenge. “he U.S. Supreme Court, hearing arguments in a partisan election-law dispute, gave no hint today that it would strike down the nation’s strictest voter identification law. Democrats in Indiana challenged the law as unconstitutional, saying the Republican-backed measure would deter thousands of poor, minority and elderly voters from casting ballots. Registered voters in Indiana without a valid driver’s license or passport would not have their ballots counted. But the justices, with the conservatives leading the way, said the Democrats had failed to prove the measure would have much impact.” Gee… color me surprised!

  4. Here’s a fun story… the Washington Post reports In India, gods rule the ‘toon’ universe. For “eight-year-old Tejas Vohra, one of his favorite superheroes is a cool cartoon version of Hanuman, the monkey-headed Hindu god… In ‘The Return of Hanuman,’ the adored deity is reborn as a boy who goes to school in khaki shorts, uses a computer, combats pollution and, most important, smashes the bad guys to pulp… ‘It was awesome to see the gods laughing, singing and flying planes. The fights were really good, and in the end Hanuman sets everything right.’ A number of haloed Hindu gods and goddesses have debuted in the frenetic world of animation over the past five years. Their appearance marks a shift from a decades-long period in which Indian children grew up almost exclusively on American TV and movie characters”.

Iraq Moratorium #5 on Friday, January 18

Ready for Iraq Moratorium #5?

The Raging Grannies of Mountain View CA will bring cookies and tea to “welcome” recruiters to a new Armed Forces Career Center to the neighborhood on Friday, January 18 – and to let the recruiters know they are moving into territory occupied by the Grannies, part of a national network of antiwar activists.

A vigil at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Maryland will call for money to be spent helping wounded veterans, not the war.  A march in Brattleboro VT will feature drummers, horns, bagpipes, and dancers.  A public forum in Duluth MN will feature Native American and African American leaders speaking against the war.  

The Dark Nexus of the World: the Edmonds Revelations & the Meaning of Deep Politics

Also posted at Invictus

The “dark nexus” of the world is where its most secretive business is conducted, such as the bribes and secret payoffs that Sibel Edmonds recently revealed were behind a nuclear proliferation ring that involved many top U.S. officials. According to a recent compelling article by Chris Floyd (whose descriptor above I have quoted), this “shadowlands” is “where covert operations, criminal networks, terrorism, high finance and state policy mingle, and battle, in profitable murk.” I believe Peter Dale Scott famously called this essential, if diabolical aspect of modern history, “deep politics.”

Floyd likens the recent Edmonds tale to that of the scandal around BCCI, “the ‘Bank of Credit and Commercial International,’ a supposed financial group that a U.S. Senate investigation called ‘one of the largest criminal enterprises in history'”.

Think I’ll go eat worms

My candidate lost last night!  I’m so depressed, I can barely function.  

I guess the voters of New Iovadalina just don’t get it.  Spineless bastards must have lied in the pre-primary polling.  

The only reason we lost is because the other guys outspent us three to one.

The only reason we lost is because the media likes the other candidate better.  

Good News? Bad news?

The good news…everyone stays in, the race is more ‘exciting,’ drawing more people (consumers/spectators/voters) into the process. The more people in the process the better. Good news also in that there will be more debates. So more people get to contrast and compare not just the candidates but also the difference between the Goopers and the good guys.  

Pony Party: Illusions

Welcome to the grand illusion

Come on in and see whats happening

(tinou bao flickr creative commons)

An Atrios Imitation

Here’s something sort of interesting….

Empire Burlesque must read

H/t to Inky99

The Furniture Speaks

For the last two years, younger women listened to men explain how cold, calculating and manipulative Hillary Clinton actually is; older women made dinner for their families, sat with their knitting, or worked the late shift, and sometimes watched and listened, too.

Professional and working moms balancing infants on one knee and a bag of groceries on the other while watching Tweety and other six-figure earners explain to them how Hillary didn’t really deserve an equal place at the table. Men, as well, watched and listened to the spew.

And then, on January 8th, 2007, these women and men voted.

When the dust cleared the first woman in American history with a serious shot at winning the White House had won the nation’s first primary. Pundits reeled and moaned.

‘What about Hillary’s negatives?’, they asked. ‘Everybody hates Hillary’. Few even now have a clue what all this Hillary hate actually means, which is simply:

99% of the people around Hillary would happily take a bullet for her.

All that hate over the years has built up an enormous sense of loyalty, in many. And the reason the talking heads don’t understand that is simple: many of these fighters are women.

In Tweety’s world courage always wears a cod-piece and sounds like John McCain.

Susan B. Anthony would understand.

Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan and the like, dedicated only to their own careers, never will.

When the talking heads figure that out, the news may once again be worth watching.

test for left

Her grave is set near her family’s home, adjacent to a large grove of coconut palms, beside the backwater of a peaceful lagoon east of Hoi An. She died far away, in childbirth, bringing twin girls into the world in the high plateau country of Dac Lac Province. One of her newborn daughters died. One survived. It was not a good time in that part of the world. It was 1978. She was 31 years old.

Her grave is set near her family’s home, adjacent to a large grove of coconut palms, beside the backwater of a peaceful lagoon east of Hoi An. She died far away, in childbirth, bringing twin girls into the world in the high plateau country of Dac Lac Province. One of her newborn daughters died. One survived. It was not a good time in that part of the world. It was 1978. She was 31 years old.

Shoot Out At Democrat Gulch

Sometime in the next few months, citizens of the Wood River Valley could lose one of their most precious resources to development. Hailey Hot Springs, located in Democrat Gulch three miles west of Hailey and the site of the Spring Creek Ranch development, could be developed, and with that goes any access we might have to this magnificent geothermal resource.

How terribly awful.

Hailey Hot Springs has a long history in the valley, going back to the 1800s when it was the site of a large hotel and spa frequented by tourists from as far away as St. Louis. It was later piped into Hailey, where it heated buildings and a pool at the old Hiawatha Hotel, where many of my friends learned to swim.


Past misdeeds are no excuse.  One might think that they don’t know there is plenty of coal to burn yet.

The only thing new here by the way is that electricity might be generated as well with newer technology.

Don’t bother telling the politicians.  They spend all their time peering at the sun with wind blowing in their ears from lobbyists.

Best,  Terry

Pony Party, Shocking!!!

Today is National Static Electricity Day!!!

So today may be the day to break out the footie pajamas with the plastic soles….but any slipper will usually suffice….wear that clingy skirt (c’mon guys….you know you want to)…or that hat that makes your hair stand on end when you remove it….

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