Saturday Night Bike Blogging: Anyone Get a Bike for Christmas?

Anyone get a Bike for Christmas?

Could it do this?

This is a Transport Cycling Open Thread: if you didn’t get a bike for Christmas, and don’t cycle in the winter, share what your first cycle trip of the new year is likely to be.

Oh, and BTW, I cycle in winter, so that means I don’t have to answer?

OK, make that whether or not you cycle in winter!

I mean, I go on about winter cycling in Northeast Ohio, but if someone can do bicycle courier work in Montreal in the winter … what in the heck am I getting all excited about with a 14 mile commute to work (and not even every day, thanks to the stuttering economy, but only when I get called in).

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    • BruceMcF on December 30, 2007 at 2:07 am

    … easy. Once I fix my chain (I fixed it once, but I threaded the chain through the derailleur the wrong way), I am going to the grocery store.

    No trudging to the grocery store in winter for me … not like last year!

  1. I use the “Christmas” break to bring my bike in for its annual check-up and maintenance. Last year I had an expensive repair bill (price of new frame), this year… about $50.

  2. When does one buy a new bike? My bike works just fine, but I’d like a cycle with disc-brakes and road tires. My TREK mountain bike isn’t the best suited for my commute anymore… was good in Colorado, but not in the rainy Pacific NW.

  3. but I don’t ride this one in the winter.

  4. I saw on Invention Nation how to turn an old bike into a coffee grinder!

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