Pony Party! Gackt and Hyde! w/Poll!

So, here we are at the end of another somewhat cantankorous week at Docudharma!  Whew…what a ride!  On the other hand, here we are at the still existing Docudharma, which is a good thing, I’d wager, for most of us.  With that in mind, here’s some stuff which we can all agree is good and wholesome: Gackt and Hyde! 🙂

Gackt: Metmorphoze

Gackt is a huge fan of the Gundam franchise (in fact, his next relase is of several songs from the Gundam catalog).

Hyde: Countdown

Hyde is rumored to be a big fan of Keith Olbermann, and this is his proposed new theme for Keith’s show.

OK…maybe not.

Gackt: Dis is Gackt (warning: You may start drooling)

Gackt does judo and Thai boxing in addition to his singing and acting.  It works.

Hyde: Evergreen

Hyde can sing in English!  Always an advantage when he sings you to sleep if you’re an American!

Gackt: Last Song (live)

Gackt plays the piano!  As a 466+ year old vampire, he’s had time to learn how to very well!

Hyde: Season’s Call

Gackt x Hyde fan video:

Just so you know it’s not just me!

Go Gackt!


Go Hyde!


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  1. Gackt and Hyde!  Mmmmmmm….

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