Pony Party: Do Overs and Re-makes

I have had chances for “do overs” particularly in relationships over the years… and… it never worked… despite personal growth, maturity, and wisdom, I have found that the  problems came up when was I immature, rash, and less wise came up again. Made me realize that I do not have one of those fantasies where you get to go back in time, re-visit one critical life moment and make a different choice.

Do overs are not so bad in songs but have yielded little pleasure for me with respect to movies. The original Razor’s Edge was far, far superior to the Bill Murray version. Some might disagree with me. That would be a deal breaker if I was single and dating somebody, I couldn’t get serious about some who could not recognize just how great and subversive the original really was, given the time it was realized and the content. What was Gus Van Sant thinking when he remade Psycho? Really? Why bother? On the other hand one of the few remakes I did like was Mutiny on the Bounty.

I like Will Smith. But I cannot believe somebody is messing with The Omega Man. The Omega Man is part of Charlton Heston’s duo of 70’s brilliance along with Soylent Green. I loved Omega Man, as I love all apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies. It has bad special effects, zombies, a racy daring love interest, Charlton Heston gritting his teeth and having a weird sacrificial Christ like moment at the end and the general pessimism that many 1970’s movies had. If somebody tries to remake Soylent Green… well… they better not.