Kucinich: Making the Case for the Democratic Party at the DNC

As always, Dennis Kucinich gave a barnburner of a speech, this time at the DNC meeting yesterday.  While standing in solidarity with Hillary due to the hostage situation, Dennis makes the case for the Democratic party to return to it’s roots as a champion of social justice and full employment.


Part one here:

Part two here:

Dennis makes the case that it is time for the Democratic party to return to it’s core set of principles including workers rights, Universal Health Care (of the not-for-profit variety), not using war as an instrument of policy, fair trade and much more!  And by the way, he mentions that he’s the leader in the fight for impeachment!  If the Leadership in the House was paying attention, it got the largest sustained cheers of the speech.

If you agree with Dennis that it’s time to return the Democratic party to it’s core principles, you can support his campaign by contibuting online, by US Mail, or at my ActBlue page for Dennis!  You can also set up an ActBlue page for Dennis of your own here.

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!


Choose Peace!

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  1. For returning the Democratic Party to it’s core principles!

    Go Dennis!


    Choose Peace!

  2. I think it’s great.  I’m going to forward it to many friends.  I don’t know how anyone could listen to Dennis and not vote for him. He is FDR reincarnated, only better.

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