Gore (Vidal, that is) on Kucinich and More! w/poll!

Albert Gore is not the only Gore of the Democratic Party.  Indeed, a Gore who’s perhaps even more important (from the intellectual side) is now speaking and writing about Dennis Kucinich!

Just who is Gore Vidal?

Eugene Luther Gore Vidal (born October 3, 1925) is an American author of novels, stage plays, screenplays, and essays, and the scion of a prominent political family. He is an outspoken critic of the American political Establishment, and a noted wit and social critic who wrote the ground-breaking The City and the Pillar (1948) that outraged mainstream critics as the first major American novel to feature unambiguous homosexuality.

Pretty interesting so far!

Vidal, whom a Newsweek critic called “the best all-around man of letters since Edmund Wilson”,[9] began his writing career at nineteen, with the publication of the military novel Williwaw, based upon his Alaskan Harbor Detachment duty; conventionally realistic, the novel was successful. A few years later, The City and the Pillar caused a furor for its dispassionate presentation of homosexuality; The New York Times refused to review his next five books; the novel was dedicated to “J.T.”


Vidal’s political views-characterized either as “liberal or progressive”, and best described as radical in their disdain for privilege and power – are well-documented. Vidal has a protective, almost proprietary attitude toward his native land and its politics. “My family helped start [this country]”, he has written, “and we’ve been in political life… since the 1690s, and I have a very possessive sense about this country.” Vidal considers himself a “radical reformer” wanting to return to the “pure republicanism” of early America. As a prep school student, he was a supporter of the America First Committee; unlike other America First Committee supporters, he continues in the opinion that the United States should not have entered World War II (though acknowledging material assistance to the Allies was a good idea). He has suggested that President Roosevelt incited the Japanese to attack the U.S. to facilitate American entry to the war, and believes FDR had advance knowledge of the attack.

Is Gore Vidal still relevant for us here at DailyKos today?

Vidal is a member of the advisory board of the World Can’t Wait organization, which demands the impeachment of George W. Bush, and the charging of his administration with crimes against humanity.[16]

Wikipedia: Gore Vidal

Clearly this is a man we should listen to.  What does he have to say about Dennis?

As I pass through the stage door of one auditorium after another, I now hear the ominous name of Darth Vader, as edgy audiences shudder at the horrible direction our political discourse has taken. Ever eager as I am to shed light, I sometimes drop the name of the least publicized applicant to the creaky throne of the West: Dennis Kucinich.

It takes a moment for the name to sink in.


Sounds like Daily Kos, doesn’t it?

Then genuine applause begins. He is very much a favorite out there in the amber fields of grain, and I work him into the text.

Sounds like Daily Kos, doesn’t it?  It always starts as flippant comments about Dennis’ physical stature, etc.  Once it turs to what he believes and stands for, the applause starts.  Be it his resolute opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, his co-authorship of HR 676, his championship of The Works Green Administration, his support of the US Department of Peace and Non-Violence, or his move for the impeachment of Dick and W, the applause gain strength!

Gore Vidal gets it!  And with the polls showing no front-runner (!), perhaps the electorate is in a position to get it too!

If you wish to support Dennis in his bid for the Presidency, you can contribute directly to the campaign online or by US Mail.  You may also be interested in supporting Dennis through the http://december152007 money bomb.  You may also contribute through my ActBlue page for Dennis!

Also, if you are interested in putting pressure on the House to hold hearings toward the impeachment of Richard B. Cheney, you may contact your Congressperson here or here.  You may express your support to Madame Speaker Pelosi here.  And you can contact the House Judiciary Committee here and here.

And remember:

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!


Choose Peace!

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  1. Dennis and Gore!  A great combination!

    Go Dennis!


    Choose Peace!

    • documel on November 25, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Kucinich is funny looking–a stupid reason not to be taken seriously, but so easy to swift boat and ridicule.  We live in a far from perfect country–founded by Puritan prejudice.  Best stand in for Dennis would be Wes Clark–similar message–good looking with military credentials.  Or Ms Kucinich–she’ll help garner the male and female vote.

    Sorry to be flippant–also sorry to live in so stupid of a country.  Remember, Bush supposedly won because he looked like a good drinking partner.

  2. comment (i.e., not checked): I do believe that the two Gores are related. Vidal and Albert are some sort of cousins.

    Gore the writer is one of the sharp, clear voices of our times, although he and we may be too close to that time to hear him clearly. A hundred years from now, assuming the nation lasts that long, he may be more widely read.

  3. over at Dkos and he was the topic de’jour. Surprisingly in two massive diary’s the people who viewed him as a menace, were few and did not fare well. Two people delurked to sing his praise. These were not supporters of his candidacy, but progressives and Democrats who are dismayed at the lack of any candidate or party leader, other then he, to address what really going on. The denial or complicity is not going unnoticed except by the party flacks.

    I feel that Dennis whether he gets the nomination or not is moving the party away from fear, fear of losing, fear of the right and the fear of the so called calls for ‘realism’. He is strangely empowering the rank and file to ask for more then the fiction were getting. His detractors and those that belittle his calls for change protest too much for a man they cast as a irrelevant purist and a ‘nut’. Go Dennis, keep standing up and speaking out.            

  4. He endorses Kucinich, called William Buckley a pro-crypto Nazi to his pro-crypto Nazi face, and believes FDR “LIHOP.”

    • Atticus on November 26, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    Never miss either one, they are always worth listening to.

    Gore Vidal can sometimes be found at IseBrand.com

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