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Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

1 Publisher delays Potter reference work

By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer

Fri Nov 9, 11:08 PM ET

NEW YORK – After being sued by J.K. Rowling, a publisher has agreed to delay its plans to release an encyclopedic reference work on the fictitious world of the Harry Potter novels.

RDR Books Publisher Roger Rapoport said he volunteered to halt typesetting on the planned “Harry Potter Lexicon” until a judge rules on whether the work constitutes a violation of Rowling’s intellectual property rights, or the copyright on her novels held by Warner Bros.

The book, drawn on material from the fan-created Harry Potter Lexicon Web site, had been scheduled for release on Nov. 28.

Is it all a waste of time?

I have been vastly preoccupied lately about the removal of people like me from among those who are considered worthy of civil rights protections.  I wrote about that here:  If only you were gay….  It was one of those pieces I wish everyone at Daily Kos would have read in order to gain maybe just a smidgen of insight, but as usual, people had more important things to do, like bash the other candidates.  Issues get set aside at times like this.

But I did manage to read a few diaries on education during the week.  Some were very good.  Some were appalling, from my point of view.  But I don’t only link to the ones I agree with.

It’s Time For Profound Change in America

An America that tortures is not my America.

An America that denies healthcare to its citizens is not my America.

An America run by amoral corporations and corrupt politicians for the exclusive benefit of the few at the expense of the many is not my America.

An America that drops bombs on innocent babes, fabricates elaborate lies to cheat, steal and justify bogus wars of aggression is not my America.


Hey wingers: would you let Hillary spy without a warrant?

And if not, why?

I only mention Senator Clinton as opposed to the other candidates because she is the one that makes them the most apoplectic but it certainly would apply to any other Democratic candidate.  For me, the answer is an obvious no, but most likely for very different reasons.  

You see, I think the whole “unitary executive” nonsense is just that – nonsense.  As such, it should be abolished, destroyed and quite frankly ruled unconstitutional, just so it can be stricken from the realm of reality.  Warrantless wiretapping is illegal.  Plain and simple.  And nobody should have that power – not a Democrat, not a republican, not anyone.

Saturday Night Bike Blogging: Innovate or Die Pedalpower Contest

OK, so I ride my bike to work … when the stupid place calls me in (but enough about me) … so what else can I do to human-power my life?

This is the topic of the “Innovate or Die” pedalpower contest. (h/t to Sarah van Schagen at Grist)

And boy-o-boy do they have a slick announcement video …

(its even better full-screen, if you click through the link, and I suppose if you have all the modern Web 2.0 whiz bang stuff … I doubt it would have the same impact using Lynx over a text terminal link)

… of course, some of the applications seem to exist primarily as a reminder of how efficient a bicycle is as a transport solution … I’ll take a look, after the fold.

What Were You Thinking You Sick Twisted Freaks

I did not know that Mark Cuban was planning a pre-release screening of Brian De Palma’s REDACTED on cable tv’s “On Demand” channel until I stumbled upon it last night and hit the buy botton ($20) without thinking twice.

I had read all of the reviews, including the award coverage, that came out this summer when Redacted swept through the Venice Film Festival. I  was also highly familiar with the real life story this ‘fictional’ accounting is based upon – : the brutal rape, murder and body burning of a 14 year old Iraqi girl and murder of her family – and I was ready to see this film.

Or so I thought.

The TaleMaster 5 …… Books & Bards

     This little tale started itself about a dozen years ago. It was originally a couple of pages, a  background for a D&D character. Then came a dream or three which added so much more. Life & Death interfered for many years. I’ve begun dreaming of this tale again, recently. This will eventually be a book, I hope.

So please, go get yourself a tall cold beverage, adjust your reading glasses and settle into your comfy chair and join me in the City of Colours…

If you’re just joining the story, here’s a Link to previous parts

From when we last met….

    The TaleMaster and the GoldSmith rise to leave, wishing `Good Fortune’ to those around them on their way out. Meandering their way through the Bazaar, they talk of lighthearted things, the wine making them mellow. Eventually they arrive at Ilmwai’s tent to retrace their journey, separating in the tunnels. The Seth presses the half full skin on the smith, urging him to finish it and the daggers before Lunya’s end.

    The old man continues on his solitary way chuckling to himself over the evening. As much as he enjoys these outings, he really should stir himself, get out more often. He continues up the passage to his home to await Nah’lei’s arrival.

A World in Chaos, part two…Rising From The Rubble of Bushco


George Bush and Company have plunged the world into chaos. (part one)

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From a pre-Bush world that had seen the steady fall of warfare and a slow but steady rise in the governments of the world finding ways to talk problems through, Bushco has reintroduced conflict….and the chaos and unintended consequences that accompanies it….back into fashion.

Now with Bushco nearing the end of The Republican Reign of Terror…what kind of World will emerge from the rubble?

Pony Party: Second Edition

When you don’t have kids you do other things that mimic parenting. Maybe we don’t realize we do it?

In my case it was a “doggy” play date. The border collie doesn’t really like playing. She spent five years on a chain so the concept is alien to her. She is a little survivor. When Arno tries to get her to play chase she gets grumpy. La-Kenya and her “girls” came over. The dogs engaged in chaos and the humans lunched and chatted.

Happy Veterans Day with President Bush

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Recognize the one on the right? Recognize the one on the left?

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A Free T-Shirt for your trouble.

Pony Party: First Edition

Weirdo that I am I love the drive home on Saturday morning. No traffic. Nobody is awake when I drive home. I have the world all to myself. People who work nights tend to live in a parallel world. Although, I put my brain and body back on days if I have more than a few days off just in order to accomplish things, I work nights by choice.

I don’t play well with others and while I can handle the stimulation and the pace, I don’t respond to the human drama very well, especially at work.

Docudharma Times Saturday Nov. 10

This is an Open Thread: No Dick Cheney’s here.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 2007 becomes deadliest year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

6 U.S. troops, 3 Afghans killed in ambush

KABUL, Afghanistan – Six U.S. troops and three Afghan soldiers died when insurgents ambushed their foot patrol in eastern Afghanistan, one of the deadliest attacks on American forces this year, officials said Saturday.

The troops were returning from a meeting with village elders on Friday afternoon in Nuristan province when militants attacked them with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire, said Lt. Col. David Accetta.

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