Send Chris Dodd some love


Send some love to Chris Dodd

Look, I don’t know who your favorite is in the primaries, and, frankly, I don’t give a damn.

What Chris Dodd did today is The Right Thing. And he did All By Himself.

When’s the last time a Democrat did The Right Thing? All By Him(Her)self?

Wouldn’t it be lovely (read: just like a real governing majority) if every congressional Democrat were to Do The Right Thing?

And what on earth do you think it would take for those Democrats to Do The Right Thing? What would – after nine months of almost without exception Not Doing The Right Thing – get their attention sufficiently to motivate them to pull their noses out of the Republic Party’s collective ass, look around, realize with embarrassment and horror that The Vast Majority Of The Nation is watching them, and start acting accordingly?

The answer is simple:


Lots of money.

Money from thousands and thousands of donors.

Money that is directly in response to an identifiable instance of Doing The Right Thing.

I’m sure the Universe meant no coincidence when it placed the following e-mail in my Inbox today, from the Democratic Party:

Dear Chris,
If there’s ever been a day that shows how important victory in 2008 has become, it is today.

Despite a broad, bi-partisan effort in Congress, George Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program remains in place. This president and his loyalists in Congress have done the unthinkable, cutting millions of American kids from the basic health care services they need.

You stood up and fought, the Democrats in Congress stood up and fought, but we just didn’t have the numbers to overturn the veto.

You may be angry right now — I sure am — but that won’t win any elections.

Yeah – after utterly screwing the pooch over and over and over again the past nine months, the Dems finally do something right collectively and vote to override a veto – and then they have the balls to come to me, cap in hand, and tell ME “how important victory in 2008 has become.”


Look, guys, uh, lemme explain something to you: “Victory in 2008” ain’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of happening without you standing up and