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Just thinking about the amount of change that our country needs to return to an actual Democracy is extremely taxing mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

As I have read these diaries I have almost decided to stop even bothering with politics or believing in social change.  It seems that we are stuck in a society that feeds upon human blood, takes advantage of the poor, and begins war out of a desire for quick profit for the rich, while keeping it out of the eyes of a media dazed public…AND NOBODY CARES. 

DailyKos must make this information from this website available to the world.  Some have taken to the streets in D.C.  Others make documentaries, post things on our car windows, houses and etc. 

These things will attract more attention, however, we need a complete revolution of conciousness if change is to occur.

In the hope that seeds of vast change will blossom before we are screwed 30 years from now with even more war, death, poverty, overpopulation; I suggest the soothing, meditative qualities of music to bring us back to the present challenge.

So music lovers of DKOS:  What songs are most enlightening to you right now as you seek change?

I want to recommend to all DKos’ers and DocuDharmas to go rent “The U.S. Vs. John Lennon”.  It was very encouraging to me as a musician and progressive activist to see just exactly how closely John Lennon was involved with the Peace Movement of the 60s in this documentary. 

I especially loved how he exploited media attention and interviews to discuss ending the VietNAM War.  One of these instances was the huge amount of publicity Lennon and Yoko Ono generated through their bed-in for peace.  The public then craved celebrities..much like today; so Lennon invited reporters into his house..for the bed-in.

Other musicians of the time also contributed to the effort.  Fellow bandmate George Harrison contributed this inciteful lil’ tune.

Or this!  I have heard this guitar solo was about like hearing MLK Jr. speak through a guitar at the time.  I love the tension that Hendrix brings into this interpretation:  a tension filled with sorrow and anger from racism, a tension from another War that was started for fictitous reasons.…

Or this!! CSNY’s “ohio”!! after government soldiers randomly shot college student protesters.…

I don’t care what record labels and mass marketing gurus try to tell me.  Music is spiritual and strengthens the human spirit.

Or what about the sheer volume of work by Peete Seeger and Bob Dylan!?

Bob Dylan describes another troubling incident of his day…

The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll, a black woman killed at the hands of a rich white man because she didn’t bring his food fast enough.…

What about modern day music that could be inciting change??

Much of it seems to be watered down (john mayer…cough), but it isn’t in the mainstream radio that this music is getting much attention.

I suggest that Neil Young’s album Living With War and “Let’s Impeach the President” was very poignant though it could have been produced a bit better.

Other new songs that seem to put our times in perspective in my opinion:

Though the opinions of the artists may very greatly from our own I submit that there is indeed music that is stirring this pot of conciousness.

-Almost everything by Radiohead.  Their Hail to the Thief album, the song “No Surprises,” seems to be a very apt description of what is going on in the world right now in the general public:  an attitude of ignoring increasing troubling signs of global warming, capitalizing the human race, “electioneering”….due to the fear of consequences and desire for comfort. 

-The entire new album by Smashing Pumpkins  “Zeitgeist”.
  -it contains songs such as:  “for god and country” that seems to me to be a modern take on Donovan’s “universal soldier”.  It also has a song called “United States” that I think is very poignant despite what Spin Fashion magazine has to say about it.

-Rage Against the Machine and Pearl Jam..have also been a listening favorite of mine lately.

-Let’s not forget the Dixie Chicks who plummeted their country music career but repositioned their pop career by boldy declaring that they were ashamed Bush was from Texas.

I also recommend “when the president talks to god” by Brighteyes.

Coldplay also promote an awareness of the disgustingness that international trade has leveraged on the humanness and suggest listeners to visit

OK KOSers.  That is my brief list of favorite new songs that favor a change in the status qou.

Here are a few questions:

– Is the music culture less aware of our current crisis than in the 60s?  If so, why??

-What are some of your favorite old and new songs that favor a shift in the status qou?

Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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    • Turkana on October 2, 2007 at 7:02 am


  1. better music then, too. Uh-oh, I just revealed myself as an old coot!

    But about this no draft…if all the young musicians were liable to be called into service, with the alternatives being moving to Canada or else being sent to Iraq then we’d be hearing a lot more anti-war tunes. Do they still call them “tunes”? Or is that like “23-skidoo”?

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