ThreadBare: On Motion

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Welcome to ThreadBare. 

ThreadBare was inspired by word-association, a play on the ‘threads’ of conversation we weave into our  Webland.  The ‘bare’ part inspired its use as a more personal, ‘soul-baring’ type of thread.  Since we spend all week regurgitating facts and linking to sources and quoting experts and verbally sparring, it might be nice on a Saturday to think and feel about things.

What kind of things?

Any kind of things.  Personal issues, preferably your own.  Societal issues.  Site-related issues (issues, please, not ‘issues’).  Things that make you happy.  Or sad.  Or angry.  Or mad.  An interjection starts the sentence right.  No, wait, that’s SchoolHouse Rock.  Equally awesome, but not relevant…

And did I mention the possibility of obscure references?  I probably should have.

ThreadBare, the Future.

Believe it or not, ThreadBare has fans.  Fans I don’t care to disappoint.  I will continue to post this thread on alternate Saturday nights as a service to those fans.  I thank anyone who chooses to participate, and understand anyone who doesn’t.  There are plenty of threads to choose from, and we need them all to make Webland strong.

This week, ThreadBare is inspired by the Road2DC participants who have put their idea into motion.  Webland is rife with criticism of the status quo and ideas for change.  Webland, however, is woefully lacking in action, lacking in motion.  So tonight I offer the laws of motion-hat tip Sir Newton-to ponder. 

And yes, I know, government is not an object.  Government is a system.  But these rules are, as Elle Woods would say, ‘simple and finite’, though I doubt that just ‘any’ Cosmo girl would know them.  So I’m not asking you to ratify them or even follow them….just consider them.

1. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

2. The relationship between an object’s mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What external forces will finally spur you to motion?  Or are yours internal?

Will we have the mass and acceleration to supply the force we need to create change?

Will our reaction be equal in force to the actions we oppose?

When will we stop being the reactors, and start being the actors?

Don’t like physics?  Then just tell us what moves you.

As always, ThreadBare comments need not be limited to the topic proposed.  I’ll be most amused if you ignore it completely. 

In two weeks, I’d like to offer some stress-reducing tips in ThreadBare: On Your Nerves

Until then, be well.

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  1. ’cause i just know youre stopping by….  😉

    • melvin on September 16, 2007 at 1:45 am

    It would be called “Rumors that Concoleeza Rice  pulls the sheet over her head so she can smell her own farts”

    Unless someone else wants to.

    • pfiore8 on September 16, 2007 at 1:59 am

    the sappy sad truth is this: love is the biggest mover and shaker in my life

    love of the people in it
    love of ideas that power it
    love experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of it… can’t even discount farts cause they are about the funniest things in the world… and how can we do that? this would be a good way to get my nephews blogging

    that’s it

    • Robyn on September 16, 2007 at 2:06 am

    …since Debbie’s doctoral work involved an interactive version for use with learning disabled children. 

    Rush had a whole album:  Moving Pictures

    I’m old.  So I supply generational memory:

    Poetry in Motion

    –Johnny Tillotson (Paul Kaufman/Mike Anthony)

    When I see my baby
    What do I see
    Poetry in motion

    Poetry in motion
    Walkin’ by my side
    Her lovely locomotion
    Keeps my eyes open wide

    Poetry in motion
    See her gentle sway
    A wave out on the ocean
    Could never move that way

    I love every movement
    And there’s nothing I would change
    She doesn’t need improvement
    She’s much too nice to rearrange

    Poetry in motion
    Dancing close to me
    A flower of devotion
    A swaying gracefully

    Poetry in motion
    See her gentle sway
    A wave out on the ocean
    Could never move that way

    I love every movement
    There’s nothing I would change
    She doesn’t need improvement
    She’s much too nice to rearrange

    Poetry in motion
    All that I adore
    No number-nine love potion
    Could make me love her more


    After a weird frikkin day I went out and got some fish tacos.

    My entire demeanor, perspective, humors….hell my whole WORLD changed.

    I am now convinced that fish tacos are the cornerstone to achieving world peace.

    But what will this do to the oceans???

    THIS is the kind of question that Docudharma was birthed to discuss.

    The Big Fish Taco Picture.

    And now that Thread Bare is on the FP, I hope the BFTP gets the attention it deserves.

    Does any one dare debate the efficacy of Fish Tacos with me tonight?

  3. Many things. Here’s one:

  4. I just got some trout I wonder if….? As for motion songs. Come on baby do the locomotion… Little Eva and Carol King.

  5. Many things have motivated me to jump off limbs, which I’ve done a number of times. Sometimes the motivating factor was economic desperation, but most of the other times it has been passion; passion to create joy and passion to resist injustice. The first has been infused with love, the other with anger. I did not always succeed with my limb leaping, but I’ve always managed, cat-like, to land on my feet.

    By the way, I love physics as long as someone else does the mathematical calculations. The Tao of Physics was one of my all time favorite books.

    Another thing – cosmic’s fourth law of thermodynamics: In the absence of friction there is no orgasm.

  6. I never even heard of a fish taco before.

    But I like motion – some of my favorites:

    accelerating down a runway on rollout and takeoff (In the old days when I used to fly to school weekly – really)

    swaying in a hammock

    on a floating canter – heaven on hooves

    sleeping on a train in a fold down bunk – hypnotic, mysterious and comforting

    standing on the bow of the Staten Island ferry watching the skyline a light with twinkling at dusk

    The audio motion of Janacek’s Sinfonietta washing over me in the top balcony of Severance Hall – the brass just becomes one with you

    • KrisC on September 16, 2007 at 2:37 am

    she is my motion…..

    Babes and Ponies….

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  7. My disabled son has always been a huge one.  I lived my life before Josh always shooting for that top 10% of everything I did and first place if I could manage it.  I’m goal oriented, type A no personality from the womb Boadicea.  One of my big life lessons has always been to learn to appreciate more than winning, sometimes being a winner is just being a wiener.  I thought I was doing something really special developing my Buddhism spirituality and meditating……then Joshua was born and I was reborn out the firey hot forge flames of motherhood, I was an infant learning completely alien forms of winning and I cried a whole big bunch before I learned how to laugh again.

  8. to a year’s worth of music I made with various people i realized it all sucked


    at least i’ll stop making people listen to it now, so that’s a good thing.

  9. faster faster faster!

    • fatdave on September 16, 2007 at 5:36 am

    ’nuff said.

  10. but my actual pick would be “Just the Motion” by Richard and Linda Thompson. (And yes, it has to be the version with Linda, from “Shoot Out the Lights,” I believe.)  😀  Trust me.

    And oh, BTW, I’m pretty damned certain that Dwight is a liberal Dem. . .hope nobody proves me wrong!

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