The Top Tier on the Near-term Future of Geopolitics: I Got Nothin’.


I really can’t say what we’ll inherit.  Sure, I spent 8 years in the White House with Bill, but I wasn’t really paying attention to geopoliltics and shit.  And that was a while ago, anyway.  Besides, my head is full of rocks.  You saw my vote on the AUMF.  That Iran vote was pretty mindless, too.  [Cackling noises].


You want me to project 4 years into the future?  Hillary spent 8 years in the White House, and she’s coming up with goose eggs. Unlike them, I didn’t vote for this shit!  So why are you asking me?  Sure, I could look into my crystal ball and conjure-up a story, but we all know I’d be making shit up.  I haven’t a fucking clue.  I do, however, have something no one else seems to have, something pure, unadulterated by gritty facts: the AUDACITY of hope.  I give you my AUDACITY!


A commitment on Iraq in my first four years?  Whoa, dude!  That’s a Sunday Punch!  Fucking ambush me, why dontcha?  Talk about out of left field.  I mean, I wanted this war, but not that much.  I am drawing a total blank.  I can commit to that much over my first 4 years.  I’m solid on that.  Hell, make that an 8-year commitment.



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  1. They have no idea.  They admit to having no idea.

  2. You want me to say that OUT LOUD?

    We are in an ELECTION, I can’t afford to say what I think!

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