Other Great Moments in Tasing (Warning: Many Videos)

Political Protests

Miami Bike cops tase demonstrators at Free Trade Area of the Americas protests.

Police in Pittsburgh tase woman lying on the ground

Police in Brattleboro VT tase a man protesting construction of a new truck stop

Resisting Arrest

UCLA campus police tase student for not showing his Library ID

SDSU student tased on the ground after skateboarding incident.

Florida Police tase woman for not getting out of her car quickly enough.

Woman tased while in wheelchair dies

People Under the Influence

Woman in handcuffs tased inside police station

Drunk man who resists police officer is repeatedly tased in the back as he lies on the ground.

Man surrounded by 6 police tased after erratic driving and behavior.

Just for fun

In this episode of ‘Who’s My Agent?’ Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson, and other minor celebrities get tased.

A middle-aged man brings over his taser for some painful playtime with three teenage boys.

3000 Cops tasing each other.

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    • Night Owl on September 18, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    For the Tased & Abused.

    (If this doesn’t load well for people, let me know and I ‘ll cut down on the number of vids)

    • fatdave on September 19, 2007 at 5:55 am

    It sits very uncomfortably with me. They are going to give them to cops in the UK. This is where they are:

    I reluctantly voted “When the target has a weapon” but I hope you meant firearm. The UK’s gun crime statistics are increasing alarmingly.We have no constitutional right to bear arms. I think I’d prefer to get rid of guns and have hefty meaningful jail terms for those caught in possession and mandatory life for those who would peddle them. We have a lot of good people in our police forces, but there are a worryingly high percentage of ” those who have a Kangaroo loose in the top paddock” as well. They are the bastards that worry me.

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