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Cry Me A River. Offensive Republican Ads

Today at his press conference President Bush attacked over their placement of an in the New York Times concerning Gen. David Petraeus. How many times have Republican candidates ran ads that truly were offensive.

Al Gore: AU/US “Bonnie and Clyde” Environmental Outlaws

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If you’ve seen the movie Bonnie and Clyde, you’ll remember the stylish Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker and Warren Beatty as the roguish Clyde Barrow.  Parker and Barrow were Depression-era bank robbers in the American heartland who captured the attention of many around the country with their daring exploits in the 1930’s.  You also know how the movie ended. 

Upon arriving in Sydney, Australia yesterday, Al Gore blasted the environmental policies of both Australia and the United States.  Will the AU-US partnership in blocking meaningful change to combat the problems posed by Climate Change hold up and for how long?

Gore is trying to cause a split between ‘Bonnie’ (Australia) and ‘Clyde’ (United States) and explicitly suggesting that being an outlaw can, ultimately, be harmful to your environmental health.

magnetic poetry

Simple concept, if you have the time and feel like flexing your brain muscle, here are the words and phrases:

pinprick; dual exhaust; icepick; radiator; coal shaft; continental; overdrive; seaside; bent; pile of rust; sapling; strewn; creeping; simulated; baghdad; roughshackle; steel pin; happy; love shucked; peanut brittle; encapsulated; freeform; wormholes; black oak; cigarette; slight shuffle; trombone; into; out of; free from; underneath; down; sideways; sawdust; bent feather; switchblade; singing like; broke out; feeds; live; saturday; placate; conjure; a; an; this; those

On Religion and Buddhism at Docudharma

Docudharma is not a religious site. It is not a Buddhist site. It is a WEB site.

Dharma is not a religious term.

The letters buhd in my UID do not have anything to do with Buddha. The name is a corruption of Bodhidharma ….cutened up for blogging purposes.

You do not have to be a Buddhist, hahaha, to blog here. No one here claims to be a perfect Buddhist master, we are not agents of whatever the Buddhist equivalent of Aipac is. We have NO interest in spreading Buddhism or converting anyone or evangelizing in any way.

Joe Trippe, Dean’s former campaign guy and

now, the campaign guy for John Edwards, in an appearance on Chris Matthew’s Soap Box today, floated an idea that, apparently, the Edwards campaign will use to prod fellow Democratic candidates. The idea: Unhook all Democratic Presidential candidates (indeed all Democrats running for office) from the inside the beltway lobbyist. The purpose, in Trippe’s view, is to raise the Democratic candidates to a higher moral plane and put the Republicans on defense, defending what most American’s view as immoral, probably the fraudulent injection of lobbying money into the various campaigns. Trippe thinks that this will strike a harmonious chord with the voting public and thus gain the high road for Democrats. Maybe it would, but I doubt that he will get many takers.

Collateral Damage

  Photo courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

She’s next to her father.  You fill in the rest of the story.

writing in the raw: harry the dirty dog

First, second, and third grade. We lived in an apartment and I shared a bedroom with my two sisters. The school yard was behind us and there was a hill, smooth and worn as the spot on poppy’s leg, where his hair was gone. And to the right as you went up the hill were the woods.

One of my goals in life at 7 or 8 or 9 was to ride a HORSE. Simple. Get on and take off. Not having a horse, I used to be one, in the school yard. Snorting, pawing the dirt, galloping and then running, and trying to run so fast that I’d gather up everything I had to break through the very skin holding me in…

If we weren’t in the school yard, we’d be in the wood. The trees would take us in, sharing their shadow and the sunlight. We’d play hide and seek, look for pieces of glass from discarded beer bottles, pick up rocks, and use sticks as swords.

Iraq Moratorium Day On Docudharma

Just a quick item to ask everyone to post any thoughts you might have on the war or the Moratorium here tomorrow.

We want to show and provide support for this essential act of continuing protest as much as possible. Unless there is a miracle, this is will be a long war and we need a long term protest as a way for people to speak out in an organized and therefore more effective fashion.

My creative juices are still not fully flowing so any and all suggestions of how to ‘celebrate’ this day are more than welcome. Is there anything we can do graphically, for instance, that will alert everyone who clicks here that something important is going on?


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  ~Kitchen Blessing!

We call upon the Earth, Our planet home, with its’ beautiful depths and soaring heights, its’ vitality and abundance of life, and together we ask that it teach us, and show us the Way.
We call upon the land which grows our food, the nurturing soul, the fertile fields, the abundant gardens and orchards, and ask that they teach us, and show us the Way.

Pony Party…Jay Ward Edition…

A very special day!  A very important day!  It’s the birthday of Jay Ward.  Well, he’s not around to enjoy it, sadly.  He would have been 87 today.  But we can celebrate…the only way possible…with two whole episodes of…

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