September 19, 2007 archive

PONY PARTY… the empty stall edition

I’ve grown accustomed to your Face screen name… to see it every day.
melvin, this is for you…

Photo Essay on the 9/15 March in D.C.

I’m crossposting this from dailykos, but stay tuned.  I’ll post a Docudharma exclusive very soon.


Having decided at the last minute to fly rather than drive to D.C., my son and I were separated by virtue of our seat assignments.  I asked the young man sitting next to me if he was going home and he said yes, but only for a brief visit.  He asked why I was going to Washington and I told him to march against the war.  “That’s interesting,” he replied, “I’m headed for Iraq.”  Turns out he works for an NGO and had been to Iraq twice before.  He had recently graduated from American University with a degree in International Relations with a specialty in the Middle East.  We had a fascinating conversation for the duration of the flight.  I encouraged him to write about his experiences and invited him to consider blogging at dailykos.  Hopefully he will.

Arrested For Asking a Question

My son and I just viewed the dreadful video of the student being arrested and tasered down in Florida.  Absolutely appalling.  Appalling as it is, though, we need to let it be known that students are regularly being criminalized.  We know.  It happened to my son. 

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