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Take This Anger And Click SEND…. ACTION ESSAY

There have been a growing number of essays which address the feelings of overwhelming powerlessness to affect change by Congress in the restoration of habeas corpus, the ongoing insult and assaults on the Constitution, the failure of Congress to do the will of “We, the People,” and of course, the absolute failure to end the Iraq occupation, not to mention the onslaught of oppression and egregious domestic policies that are raping the environment, burdening the burdened, and robbing from the poor.

I’ve been guilty of writing essays that chronicle outrage after outrage with only a glancing nod to action and problem resolution.

So in atonement for that glum outlook, I’d like to put forward a plan that will bring everyone who want to take action the ability to do just that – in community – and using the resources of the will of we, the people, the oversight ability of the collective progressive community and the strength of numbers to affect change.

Meta Meat: Hidden Comments and Flamewars

First of all let me say that I am NOT one of those people who has been on the Internet since it was born and messages were exchanged by putting stone tablets into wicker baskets and floating them down the Euphrates. I arrived on the Intertoobs in November ’05….blown in on the aftermath of Katrina. I found Daily Kos pretty much right away and made it my home. Thus, everything I know about the web and meta and flamewars etc…..I learned in Kosdergarten. It is my only reference point, thus I tend to be way overly referential to my experience there, I have no choice!

For those of you who don’t know, I was heavily involved in the Impeachwars, this allowed me to see and consider nearly every possible excess in ‘moderation’ that is able to occur there. In preparing to launch here, I also closely studied My Left Wing and the Francis Holland situation that eventually gave rise to Political Fleshfeast, a blog that was basically created in reaction to Daily Kos’s moderating policies ….and the reaction to them at MLW! I have seen the damage they can do to people. And to blogs where they occur.

But I have a confession to make….there is a part of me that REALLY likes Flamewars.
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ThreadBare: On Motion

Welcome to ThreadBare. 

ThreadBare was inspired by word-association, a play on the ‘threads’ of conversation we weave into our  Webland.  The ‘bare’ part inspired its use as a more personal, ‘soul-baring’ type of thread.  Since we spend all week regurgitating facts and linking to sources and quoting experts and verbally sparring, it might be nice on a Saturday to think and feel about things.

What kind of things?

Any kind of things.  Personal issues, preferably your own.  Societal issues.  Site-related issues (issues, please, not ‘issues’).  Things that make you happy.  Or sad.  Or angry.  Or mad.  An interjection starts the sentence right.  No, wait, that’s SchoolHouse Rock.  Equally awesome, but not relevant…

And did I mention the possibility of obscure references?  I probably should have.

ThreadBare, the Future.

Believe it or not, ThreadBare has fans.  Fans I don’t care to disappoint.  I will continue to post this thread on alternate Saturday nights as a service to those fans.  I thank anyone who chooses to participate, and understand anyone who doesn’t.  There are plenty of threads to choose from, and we need them all to make Webland strong.

Saturday Night Bike Blogging

Ok, so the quick of it is, my cycle commute is about 14 miles each way, when I happen to get called into the warehouse … I “ought” to be beginning to recover about this time on Saturday, but as it happens deep into Q3 things are very slow (recession chill goes up the spine), so I only got called in once this last week.

Anyway, a funny thing happened on the way to work on Thursday …

Pony Party: Random Relationships Edition

I am full of illogical streaks and inconsistencies broad enough to drive a semi-truck through. Sometimes I like to believe that it is the philosophical burps that lunge forward, that define me. I like , no love hockey, but football mostly bores me. I like Bluegrass and honky tonk, but that “pop country” stuff makes me want to get an enema. I like muffins and bread pudding but stick a raisin in either of those and my head will explode.

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